Your story in the beautiful way that you LIVE it.
Showing you the magic that exists right here in this moment.

hi, I'm jodi renée.

Known for images that are real, raw and full of life, I see the extraordinary in the ordinary, in the fleeting moments before we're left wondering:
"Where did the time go?"

We live in a digital world where taking photographs is so easy. Maxing out the storage on our phones, we have hard drives with folders filled with images, and too much faith in technology.

I have a gift. A way of seeing. The small details and subtleties that often go unnoticed in the busyness of life.

After having my own son, I truly got it.
There were so many moments where I'd find myself, sitting, staring and wishing I had someone recording what was now and would no longer be tomorrow.

These babies grow a little too fast for our mama hearts to bear.
I find myself wanting to remember everything. Every babble, every blink, every smile, every expression. Never wanting to forget the innocence, the pure delight of each little being that comes into this world.

I also wanted to be included in the photos.
For myself.
For my children.
As something I would have forever.

Your family's your entire world. They are your purpose and your why.

I want you to be able to relive this time in your life and the years ahead with something you can hold and feel in your hands, to have framed and up on your walls.
I want your children to be able to see your story, flipping through albums that were summer vacations and your every day life.

I believe that gorgeous photographs are created when people are truly themselves.
I also believe in the importance of having these memories.

I print photos, beautiful photos.
To fill your home and the hands of the ones you love.

Tangible memories that can be passed down as family heirlooms or celebrated throughout your home.

"I adore how your photos tell a story...they feel authentic and in an extraordinary way, capture the ordinary so beautifully."
- Christine Dovey | Owner of Christine Dovey Style

Let me tell your story and bring it to life.
Because there is nothing more important than who you are and who you love.

jodi renée