I love the album, can’t stop looking at it. You are amazing!
— Alex Flye | Owner Kerr Street Cafe
Oh my goodness Jodi...I truly don’t know you do it. I’m reduced to tears again. These are incredibly precious and such a gift. I can’t tell you how much I’ll treasure them. There are so many I want, narrowing them down is going to be impossible.
You are incredible and have exceeded my expectations...they’re absolutely perfect.
— Christine Dovey | Christine Dovey Style
Jodi! It’s scary how talented you are. You have such an incredible ability to capture the MAGIC. I’m actually speechless about how organic and beautiful these images are. These are exactly what we were envisioning. Thank you thank you thank you for being YOU! We love you!
— Courtney Fonseca | Sales Manager VEGA
Jodi I was having such a tough day. Then I took 15 minutes to go through our photos. Exceptional and stunning!
They brought tears to my eyes. You’ve captured what it means to be a mom, a dad, a brother, a sister and a child!
Thank you for placing these special images/moments in my mind forever. You are such a special person and we adore you.
— Kim Podivinsky | Prep Academy Tutor
Beyond my expectations! Each time you’ve blown us away with what you were able to capture of our love and loves. We as a family, have never been happier with pictures of ourselves EVER. You captured our real selves, our love for our baby and one another.
— Michelle Prychidny | VEGA Director of Sales Canada
What can I say Jodi...? So beautiful, so perfect. You have such a gift, thank you for sharing it with us! Love all the photos and LOVE the album! Thank you so much for the time and vision you brought to our project.
— Andrew Judson | Managing Director Camcor
Your heart and creative spirit produce some of the most stunning images I have ever looked at! Life is so beautiful, simple and magical and you manage to capture that...the only thing that matters is our relationships and that’s what I see in your photos...thank you for sharing all of this with us!
— Cheryl Labbett | Owner bluboho
Brilliant, magical, unbelievable, stunning and awesome are just some of the words I can think of. You my dear friend are a true genius! I’m in awe of your photographs. They touch me in ways that I can not even begin to express my gratitude.
— Anita Mori, Oakville ON
Did I send you an email telling you how stunning the book is???
Just in case I didn’t...WE LOVE IT!
— Smith Family, Vancouver BC
JODI! Oh my God. You had us in tears...You *got* them.
Our girls, their personalities...their shiny little souls. You found them through your lens.
Your photos have frozen in time the *it* that makes Julie and Jamiee who they are and why they are so loved. You can feel their individual personalities in each photo. Unbelievable.
How do we thank you?
— Lori Pedersen | Lori Pedersen Home Staging + Styling
Thanks so much for the photos, we love them of course. These moments are something we will always treasure and reflect how much love and freedom there was in this house.
— The Vickerman's, Toronto ON
You are an angel that walks the earth. I truly believe there are few people who have been sent to help the rest of us find ourselves, and you my Jodi are one of them. I think you have been here before, learned a lot and are ready, in a gentle way to gift some of that knowledge to the rest of us. No one else could come in and dance so gracefully among varied personalities and capture each uniquely on film.
— Johanna and Jay, Elmira ON
OMG! Now you are really killing me! How am I supposed to choose photos when there are SO many unbelievable shots? Wow!
Once again, I am just blown away by your talent...
— Lisa D'Alessandro, Oakville ON
Melt. My. Heart. I forgot how beautiful all those pictures are. The 8x10 of Lucas is to die for. To say I love them is an understatement. I seem to have a little problem...I have too many GORGEOUS photos to display and not nearly enough room for them.
— Erin Ichiyen-Burgess, Burlington ON
Your photos capture moments in our lives as women, sisters, mother/daughters, and a family. I love how your art affords the girls and I to have little moments that make us smile every time we look at them again. You have documented every major change in our lives — a photo journey. Better than that, your photos bring up all the positive things in our lives and remind us how lucky we are to have a loving family.
— Lori McIntyre | Toronto, ON