From the sky reaching trees to the ocean waves against the shore. Hands connecting souls, and laughter that marrys the spirit.
Looking around I am reminded of the love that exists within all things and that we are so much more, than what we see...
Anyone can take a photograph. Only you can tell your story...
-- Jodi Renée

The best place for your photos? Wherever you are comfortable. This could be the intimacy of your home or an outdoor location of your choice.
Do you have a favourite walking trail? Perhaps you spend weekends in the mountains or is the family most relaxed at the cabin?
What do you want to remember for all time?

Sessions typically last about one hour. Destination or Day in the Life sessions are half day or morning and afternoon.
I work with natural light because I believe it is the most honest and beautiful, therefore sessions are rescheduled if weather is not cooperating.

I want you to have photos that you will love for all time with products that are beautifully handcrafted therefore I am committed to quality and service.
Due to the custom nature of this work I accept 5 bookings per month available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and one day on the weekend.

Commissions for Lifestyle Sessions begin at $500.
If you would like to receive more info, please click on the button below and fill out the contact form.