The Picken Family...Kitchener Family Photographer

I've been slacking and just getting around to posting these images from last year.
SO...that the NEW photos will be in order of events...(because there's more to come!)

I've already introduced you to the Picken's HERE.
And every time I see these guys, I fall in love with their photos...until the next time.
Maybe it gets better and better as this family keeps growing!
Actually...I know it does.

And a majority of what makes their photos so magic and memorable?
It's infused with their being.
They just show up, as themselves...bringing healthy snacks and smoothies.
Brock even brought a book he'd owned when he was a little boy! (...not a fan of props unless they make sense and are meaningful to YOU) So this was so special.

It's that simple, and think about the significance...
Great photos tell a story, and the only one that matters?
Is the one you're living.